orities were undermining the laws that were▓ supposed to guarantee citizens' rig▓ht to information and the systems created to give▓ citizens information about their government. In addition, it was getting harder to use public records to hold

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    government officials accountable (, March 13, 201▓5). An article

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    on the website of the CNN report▓ed on February 13, 2015 that jour

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    ally slammed the current U.S.▓ administration as one of the least transparent. At least 15 jo

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    urnalists were ar▓rested in Ferguson protests (, February 13, 2015).III.

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    Economic and Social Rights under ChallengeIn 2015, no▓ substantial progress concerning

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    the econom▓ic and social rights of U.S. citizens were made. Workers carried

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